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Safwa Dates

Al-Safwa Company is a Saudi start-up company in the dates marketing sector based in Riyadh. It aims to export the finest types of Saudi dates to all countries of the world.

Our Dates


Ajwa Date

It is one of the most popular types of dates, ranked the first in terms of popularity and spread in the countries of the world 


Sukkari Date

It is characterized by its softness and golden brown color. It is recommended to eat this type to prevent tooth decay, as it reduces cholesterol in the blood


Khalas Date

It is considered an excellent commercial variety that is desired in the market as it preserves its delicious flavor even after storing for a long time


Anbara Date

It is one of the most expensive types of dates at all,so it is called "the Kings Dates" as an expression of its high price, and it is known for its large size 


Safawi Date

One of the famous types of dates, and what distinguishes them is the overlap of two colors in the same fruit, which are red and yellow


Majdool Date

It is characterized by its large size and sweet taste, it is used to make some juices, and it can be available throughout the year

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Omar Bin Alkhattab Street
Riyadhy, 11464

+966 (0) 53 444 3069